Friday, February 10, 2006

February 10th, Back from hospital

after 15 days in hospital due to a respiratory inflection and very low blood counts, mom and dad took me to grandmom's house because George (my elder brother, age 4) has chickenpox and I definitely would not look pretty in polka dots! Apart from that, my WBC count does not allow such serious infections.

So I will be away from home for a couple of weeks or more, depending on whether Helen (Eleni) my elder sister (age 7) catches it as well or not.

I am feeling better now, still taking Aerolin inhalations to avoid new fluids coming in my lungs. My oesofagus test (to see whether fluid in the lungs was due to not swallowing correctly) was ok and I am waiting for a spectroscopy (SMRI) to be performed next week.

Mom is very tired and needs sleep, but i 'm so happy to be out and I don't want to miss things while sleeping; so I cut off some sleeping hours which Mom doesn't really like ...

Some time soon I 'll post a summary of what has happened to me the past 21 months. For the moment you'll just have to think of me and pray for me.

See you!

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Anonymous said...

οι προσευχές μου μαζί σου λυδία μου.