Monday, February 27, 2006

Spectroscopy results

ok things could be worse, but could also be better: choline is a bit elevated but not much - the difference is inside the acceptable error range. But this does mean that the tumor is not shrinking. It is either the same or getting more aggrassive. Dr Tz. said we should go on with the same medication (Temodal, VP16), same dosage, and see what happens in 3 months when the next NMR spectroscopy will take place.

Yesterday (as reported by my bro and sis) dad and grandmom had a rather loud quarel on several matters including the "I know what you are going through - I nearly lost you 2 times when you were small" thing that irritates dad sometimes. He gave the also irritating answer "I nearly lose my kid every day for the past 620 days. Everytime i hold her on my hands i cannot help thinking of the day she will let her last breath just lying on my her mother's hands - and this leaves me with a huge pain which does not go away, and then the next minute another i 'll lose her attack comes to add more pain... and this thing adds up all these months and the pain gets worse and then some more....".

I am lucky i still don't give a damn about what my parents feel - I am full of life and i intend to stay so for many years to come! So there!

Yours fiighting

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